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Mindful communication courses and coaching to show the world just how impressive you truly are.

Communication is hard. Figuring it out alone, is even harder.

We know what it is like to navigate difficult conversations and different points of view. We want you to succeed. At the Empathary, we will help you learn the essential skills to communicate in a more influential way. So you can ensure the health of your important relationships. 

You CAN communicate effectively with emotional intelligence.

They Transformed Their Communication at the Empathary:

Courses alone do not work.

Have you ever taken a course or read a book and thought, “This is going to change my life!” and as soon you finish you forget exactly what that game changing revelation was? 

You are not alone. 

If you don’t reinforce what you’ve learned, within 20 minutes of taking in new information, you forget over 40% of it. A week later you might remember 25%. How can you implement real change if you can’t remember?

You can’t. That’s why it’s important to reinforce knowledge with repetition and practice. 


Understanding & Ability

The Difference Between Knowledge and Skill

Say you love basketball. You know to score, players need to put the ball through the hoop. Does that mean you can make a three point shot? Knowledge is understanding what to do, skill is the ability to do it. 

The same goes for “soft skills” like communication. You may know what makes a successful communicator, but can you skillfully foster desirable outcomes? Or is it a crapshoot? Like basketball, mastering communication requires practice and feedback. At the Empathary, we don’t just tell you how to communicate your needs, we provide a place to practice techniques regularly and you’ll get instant feedback so you don’t have to wonder if you’re using the techniques effectively.

Get feedback and refine your skills. See real results.

In life, would your counterpart give you the real reasons why a conversation didn’t work out? Will they tell you what you need to do to improve for the next time? Most likely, improvement is the result of trial and error. That’s where we come in. 

At the Empathary, we’re more than just a course. We give you the feedback you need to refine and ultimately master your skills. It takes about 20 hours of practice to get good at a new skill, but only if you’re effective. We help you identify ineffective communication habits and give you opportunities to practice new behaviors and techniques so you can get better, faster.


The Empathary is for people who want to feel good about communication.

Progress your career

Build partnerships

Lead people

Collaborate with others

Sell products and services

How the Empathary works:

Sign up for group classes or private coaching.

Learn the science-backed principles and techniques to fully understand what works and why.

Practice in a safe environment to crystallize real skills for the real world. 

Imagine a place where you can test out your communication skills before going into a difficult conversation. A place where you can make mistakes, learn from them, and practice until you get it right. We’re here for you.

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