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Hello, I'm Jennine Jacob. 

The fusion of mindset, emotional regulation, and communication started my Empathary journey...

Hey there, I’m Jennine Jacob, founder of Empathary, serial entrepreneur, and a few other things, too. I’m thrilled to be your friendly certified emotional intelligence coach. 🙂

Like many of you, I used to feel frustrated and flustered when it came to communicating with clients, leading teams, or coordinating with contractors. As an introvert, communication didn’t come naturally to me, and I struggled to convey my ideas and visions in an authentic way.

I was trapped in the imposter syndrome every day at work, feeling disappointed and unfulfilled. But my instincts were telling me that something needed to change.

So I decided to take action and develop my emotional intelligence and communication skills. After years of research, testing techniques, and studying hundreds of communication books, I discovered a radically different approach that had profound effects on my life and career.

And now, I’ve created Empathary to help small business owners and entrepreneurs like you overcome nervousness, overwhelm, and misery by developing effective communication skills and emotional intelligence.

My proven-to-work tools and approach have helped hundreds of people already, and I’m excited to help you too. If you’re ready to build the wealthy-thriving business of your dreams through emotionally intelligent communication, then let’s get started!


Are you ready to be the next? If you’re as excited about building an emotionally intelligent communication skill as I am, you know what to do…