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Hello, I'm Jennine Jacob. 

The fusion of mindset, emotional regulation, and communication started my Empathary journey...

Hello, I’m Jennine Jacob – your friendly certified emotional intelligence coach, founder of Empathary, serial entrepreneur, and a few things more 🙂

My story isn’t unlike many others.

A few years ago, I was just like you – I also preferred “doing my own thing” in my career, and felt flustered, and frustrated when interacting with clients, leading teams, or coordinating with contractors.

Yes, being a bit of an introvert, communication didn’t come naturally to me. I was struggling to convey my ideas and visions without my authentic self-expression.

Needless to say, I felt imprisoned in the trap of imposter syndrome every single day at work.

One disappointment after another, my instincts trying to tell me something needs to be changed. 

You see, I had ignored my true communication prowess, and stayed stuck in my head, almost affecting the real balance in my work and life. 

That’s when I realized, it was about time I did something to develop an effective emotionally intelligent communication skill.

After years of research, testing the techniques, and studying hundreds of communication books, I discovered proven-to-work tools and a radically different approach that had profound effects on my life, and career.

With the commitment to put my skills and passion to good use, I decided to create Empathary for helping small business owners, and entrepreneurs get out of the nervousness, overwhelm, and misery of not being able to navigate through challenging situations.

To finally communicate with emotional intelligence in all areas of life, and build the wealthy-thriving businesses of their dreams.

Hundreds of other people have already experienced the same results by working with me.

Are you ready to be the next? If you’re as excited about building an emotionally intelligent communication skill as I’m, you know what to do…