About the Empathary

It all started after reading a negotiation book. I wasn’t a great communicator, much less NEGOTIATION, so when I tried the techniques in the book it actually made the situation worse. I didn’t know how to use the techniques right. Then I took an online class, and I understood the techniques better, but I still couldn’t use them. Then, I started to practice with others and BAM… then that’s where things really started to change.

Quickly I started to become a better negotiator. My relationships got a lot better. I was able to collaborate with people, and everything in my life started to feel better. In fact, I had gone to therapy for decades but the practice helped me discover how my own communication habits caused problems in my life. All of the sudden, I knew what behaviors I could change. This had an enormous impact on my life.

It wasn’t just me. I saw it happening with everyone who practiced. They gained confidence in their communication, doors started to open, and they felt happier. It was then I realized that the online learning industry had it backwards. Knowledge is only a small part of the value, the real value is in the experience, the practice.

That’s when the Empathary was born. Since then, we’ve integrated psychology, philosophy, structural narratives, and real life experience to develop a new framework for emotionally intelligent communication. We’ve put in thousands of hours of practice, researched studies and books, and collaborated with executive coaches, corporate executives and sales professionals to test the effectiveness of the framework. It works, and we would love to see it work for you.

– Jennine Jacob, Founder


ˈemp• əTH• erē

Definition: [noun] A person or place that prepares people to become emotionally intelligent leaders.

Etymology: Ancient Greek
em: bring into a certain state
path: feeling
ary: 1. a place of 2. a person engaged in 3. contributing to 4. for the purpose of

Imagine a place where you can test out your negotiation tactics before going in cold. A place where you can make mistakes, learn from them, and practice until you get it right. We’re here for you.

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