5 Negotiation Scenarios & Practice Guide

Practicing negotiation scenarios will help improve your skill set like nothing else… aside from actual negotiations. Do you really want to take the chance with a new skill in a high-stakes negotiation? 

Role play negotiation scenarios are the flight simulators of communication. Crashing in a simulation won’t cost lives, yet you still gain the experience of what to do in critical situations. 

five scenarios

The Startup Investment

A CEO & an Investor want to make a deal.

The Benefits Package

An employee asks their employer for better benefits.

The Contract Renegotiation

A company needs to make a new contract with an agency.

The Business Blunder

Hackers disrupted a relationship which now needs repair.

The Classic Car Purchase

Classic car restoration affectionados want to save their business.

How negotiation role play scenarios work...

With negotiation role plays, you can create a deep practice environment where knowledge is gained through experience. Even while playing a role, participants feel the emotions and logic as though it were a real scenario. It becomes your experience.

5 Negotiation Scenarios & Practice Guide

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